Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I started soccer just um...2 weeks ago. I think.
Our team is called The Prowlers. I like the name. I wanted to be The Twisters.
Our team color is burgandy. My number is the (un)lucky thirteen!
There are 14 players on my team. The coach said that 8 of us have never played soccer before!

We played our first game on March 17th. The opposing team was the Kit Katz. They were red. We lost.): It was 4 to 0. But, I'm on a recreational team and we were playing competitive teams. I don't think it's fair to let competitive teams drop down to the recreational league.
My coach said that since half our team have never played soccer that we did VERY well. (Not to mention that they've been together for 3 years!) The Kit Katz have taken 4 players that were going to be on our team and put them on their team.

Our second game was on March 18th. We played some team called PH Hinton, I think. They were purple.
We lost, again. ): It wasn't so bad this time though. We only lost 2 to 1 this time.
The purple team was slapping and pushing my team around. The person that pushed one of our team (on the back and didn't get the whistle blowed on 'em) got hurt enough that the ref had to blow his whistle. I wasn't feelin' bad for her.
About two minuets after she went over to the bench ANOTHER of her players dropped!
Even though we lost we still had fun.

Our next game will be against The Wildcats.




DonutGuy said...

not related to your post, but did Aaron tell you what I did on Metroid, to get the Judicator weapon?

Soccer Girl said...

yes he did! my e-mail is e-mail me so I can ask you a question about beating the boss of the Arcterra world.