Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Wildcats

We played the Wildcats yesterday. They were red. We lost. Bad.

The first half we had "Bob" (whose real name is Miranda) as goalie. She did good but, because she had never done goalie before she wasn't able to stop 3 goals. We lost 5 to 0. We did worse against the Wildcats than we did against the Kit Katz.*sigh*

On the second half we had Alex as our goalie (she was late because she forgot her cleats or something) and she is one of our best goalies. Alex can kick that ball really high and far. Audrey and Yessica (pronounced Jessica) were gone to St. Louis. Audrey is REALLY good at goalie even though she is small.
Yessica is really good at taking that ball and kicking it downfield. I do best on defense.

We have practice every Monday and Friday at 5:30 every week. No matter what!

We are playing Fire,

on field #7, on the 31st of March, at 10:00 am.

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