Monday, April 2, 2007

Kit Katz...Again.

We played the Kit Katz again. We lost. 4 to 0. Again.
Jean and Kenny were there and so were Grandma and Grandpa!
Paige wasn't there because her dad wouldn't bring her. The coach is her stepdad not her REAL dad.

The match against Fire had been cancelled but never fear, there will be a REMATCH!!!!
One of the girls said she hoped it rained on the day we play against fire because the water will put out the fire!

After the game we went to DQ and we had some ice cream! Jean and Kenny came with us.
I had a yummy chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard! yummmmmmmmmmy!
There was only one problem. THEY were there. A couple of the Kit Kats *glare* were there. Daddy had to tell me to quit glaring at them.

We're playing the Wild Cats next Sat.

Gotta go now!

~Soccer Girl

PS. I have Soccer Practice at 5:30 tonight.

PPS. The green was written Sat. and the Red was written on Monday!

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aunt Jan said...

Darcy! I am all mixed up! which picture is yours-the frog or the rabbit? 8)