Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Every Day in May #2

Today has been a lousy, rainy day. Lisa came over but, didn't bring Violet. Little ol' Vi got into lots of trouble with her mommy. She made a BIG mess in Lisa's garage and Lisa got mad and decided that Violet couldn't come with her to my house. *HUFF*
As we went out to meet Lisa, Rayna found 3 little snails! She was very excited and brought them into the house so that all could see. Lisa, thought they were disgusting. The rest of us thought that they were all quite cool! Mom and I (of course) grabbed our cameras and snapped away. I particularly liked the itty, bitty, teensy, tinsy, little one best.

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Kim said...

sorry that you weren't able to get out and play - the snails were cool though! good pic! Love the poster - very creative!