Saturday, May 5, 2007


Today we played against the Wild Cats. We tied 2-2. I wish we could have won but,it's better than losing. I really got in some good kicks! I played Defense the whole time. I mean, I played the WHOLE GAME without any breaks. Mom says that this was our best game of the whole season!
I had a lot of fun!

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Anonymous said...

Darcy, You are sure making some neato posters! I especially like Doug's room poster! And I think your picture along the side of the page of the two little puppies holding a soccer ball between them is adorable. (I have a picture of a dog and a little boy kneeling at the bed praying! Did you send that--or maybe it was Vonnie or your mom. Anyway, I printed it off and put it on my refrigerator with my grandkids' pictures! I hated to miss your ballgame yesterday, but we were at Great grandma's house. We celebrated her birthday (late)and Mother's Day (early) with her and Grandma Yea Yea and Pop John and my uncle Orville and his wife Sally, and my anut Lola and her husband Don were there. Great grandma is healing very fast--but she's got pretty exhausted after the fall. I have a picture of her I'll show you someday. (Her picture is even worse that that picture of Grandpa Bond when he fell at Greensburg that time.) Congratulations on your game--wish I could have been two places at once! If you have any make up games, let me know! I'll try to be there. Love, Grannygreenweed