Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Sorry I haven't written in so long but, we've been busy. We decided to go ahead and get the house we were waiting to get so we're moved in! Moving stinks. I did get to ride in the moving truck with my grandpa! FUN! We loaded everything into a moving truck and rode down to B. It took us 2 trips but, it was k. I've already made friends and we've played together on our ds's almost every day! i've got a friend that lives right next door and one that lives across the street!It's nice having people to play with on my street!!
Gotta go!




Uncle Eric said...

I'm glad you're having a good time, and have made some friends so quickly!

Uncle Eric

Anonymous said...

It sure was good to hear from you again! I love reading your (and your mom's) blogs. Keeps me informed as well as entertained! Have you got enrolled in school yet? Is there any news on soccer teams for your age? Have fun these last few days of vacation and let us know how school is once it gets started. O.K.? Love, Grannygreenweed