Thursday, April 12, 2007

All about Gloria ...

I couldn't think of anything to write about and so Mom suggested writing about Gloria.

We got Gloria in March 2000 . I kinda-sorta remember it. There were about 5 puppies in the litter and 4 of them had short, sleek fur and were jumping around. Then there was this puppy that was 2x bigger and 3x furrier than the other ones and instead of jumping around she was just laying on her back tummy-up just ASKING for a tummy-rub. My Gloria is/was JUST SO FURRY AND CUTE!!!!

Even now that Gloria is grown-up she is still cute and furry.
Gloria is a 90 pound lap and furniture dog. Every time I sit down around Gloria she sits on me! Sometimes she even lays down on top of me!

Gloria has black fur, brown eyes and a pointy ears. Mom says she has some newfie in her but, she told me that a newfie has long silky ears.

Gloria's Mishaps:
1. She got lost when she was about five months old. When we found her and pet her it was like she had marbles attatched to her back. There were so many ticks that it took a long time to pull all of them off! The ticks even were filling up the insides of her ears so much that you couldn't see her ear canal openings any more. She had been lost for 6 days and 6 nights. Poor little thing *sniffle* she was just skin and bones when we got her home.

2. When she was almost one year old, Gloria got shot because some geek shot her because she was up in his pasture. Coyotes kill his cows and he blames the dogs. He doesn't move the cow corpses from his pasture and just leaves them there to rot which draws dogs and other animals up to his pasture.

3. Gloria fell in the little goldfish pond and (luckily) Grandpa pulled her out so she wouldn't drown. That goldfish pond has vertical sides and it would be very easy to drown. She still had a cast on her back leg (from when she was shot and her leg was broken) and she had fallen through the ice on the pond.

4. She almost got run-over because she was laying under Grandma and Grandpa's car. Grandpa was backing out and her paw got caught under the wheel and scuffed up some.

5. When Gloria was hunting a big, gray, ugly, mean, male racoon the racoon grabbed hold of her head and started chewing Gloria's nose off.
Mom heard all the commotion and came out to see what was happening and once she saw everything she took a stick and separated the two of them. Gloria's nose looked like hamburger! THEN, even after Mom separated the two of them and the 'coon was running up a tree Gloria jumped FOUR feet into the air, grabbed the coon off the tree and started chewing on the coon again! AAAAAAHHHH! Nutso dog. Mom separated them again and FINALLY the (no good, nasty, pizza faced, pea-brained, FOOL of a 'coon) got away while Mom HELD Gloria back! We called the vet and got Gloria all fixed up.

Anyhow, Gloria has managed to live through many experiences that would have killed a lesser dog. She sure is a good dog though.
I love my Gloria!!!


(If you click on the photo collage, above, you can see a very enlarged view of it!)


Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...


Gloria certainly seems like a great dog and you are a very good writer. You should considering being a journalist when you grow up!

LaLa said...

Great post...what a sweet doggy and a good owner you are!

Emmie said...

Sounds like Gloria has been through quite a lot! lol! Very funny-love it!

Anonymous said...

Darcy, I really enjoyed reading the stories about Gloria! You have a great way of telling stories! Hope you write many more for us to enjoy!--Grannygw

Lisa said...


Your pictures are so cute! I love your little Gloria!!! I wish so much that Violet had Gloria's sweet, kind, loving personality!

Gloria is just like a big teddy bear!