Monday, April 16, 2007

All About Violet

Violet is a black and brown German Shepherd. She has brown eyes and a cute face. Violet isn't ours. She's Lisa's, but Lisa lets Violet come over and play sometimes. Lisa calls our dogs Violet's country cousins! Violet loves to come and play with Rivvie. Violet is just SO cute! When Violet comes over to visit us she and Rivvie ALWAYS go playing in the woods and get all dirty!! They go down to the creek and swim and they almost always manage to get into SOME kind of trouble!
Violet likes to "play" soccer with me!

I tried to train her to "Come" but, I didn't have enough time to get it done.
One time when I was just finishing up a "training session" she went over in the side of our yard and brought me a present. She brought me a five-point deer antler!!!!!!! She just picked it up in her mouth and dropped it at my feet!! I was so excited! Grandma and Grandpa even came over to see it!

Violet's Adventure's:

1. At the age of 3 months Violet managed to get lost. On a Sunday. Right before church. Bad timing. We skipped church and had a puppy search. We found her sitting on someone's porch looking at the door like she was waiting for someone to open it for her.

2. Violet fell into the goldfish pond. Twice. Grandpa had to pull her out both times. One time it was on a SUNDAY MORNING AGAIN! (When it was FREEZING cold, outside! She soon had icicles on her fur!) Why do her mishaps always happen on a Sunday. *sigh*

3. Violets latest adventure was just about 2 weeks ago. Tore up a bottle of de-icer while playing in the garage and drank some of it. Lisa had to make an emergency run to the vets and had to have them tell her what to do. Poor Lisa, She was so afraid Violet was gonna die. The vet told her to go to the liquor store and buy 190% alcohol everclear. (Have no idea what the "everclear" part means but, WHO CARES!) Lisa had to water it down with gatorade and force feed it to her poor dog every four hours for the next 24 hours straight. Lisa said that her dog had her tongue hanging out of the side of her mouth, was stumbling around and drooling everywhere! That dog was so DRUNK! "At least she's a friendly drunk" Lisa said.
We went over to our old pastor's house and told him about Violets latest mishap. Mom said that next time he saw Lisa to tease her about seeing her come out of a liquor store. So the next time the pastor saw Lisa, he did just that! Lisa told Mom that inside her head she was thinking "MONICA!!!!" .

4. Lisa came over last Monday and DIDN'T BRING VIOLET!!! WAAAAAAHHHHHHH.
She told us that Violet got into such big trouble that she didn't even want to be in the same car with that dog. Apparently, Miss. Violet managed to tear open a bag of potting soil AND a bag of grass seeds. I should have told Lisa that Violet was just trying to help her plant some grass.

Even though Violet manages to get into all sorts of trouble, She's still one of the nicest dogs I've ever known! (Even though Lisa thinks she's a wild indian!)


(Say, "Cheese!")


Emmie said...

love the pics...very cute

Steffie B. said...

You are so good to Violet! You should be very proud!

Kim said...

You are a great writer!

sarah said...

Violet sounds like a blast! Great photos!

Lisa said...

Darcy, I am so glad that you love my furry brat-chid, Violet! I love the pictures, especially the one where you are peeking over Violet's head (with the "Say Cheese" caption)! WHY could she not have had GLORIA'S personality...why, oh, why. oh why...