Thursday, April 19, 2007

All About Rivendell

Rivendell is a Australian Shepherd Mix. She's black with a little bit of red on her back. She has curly fur! She had straight fur one day then it seemed like just overnight she turned curly on us!
Rivvie's best friend is Violet.

We found her along side the road with her brother, Napoleon. We had to give Napoleon away. I think that it's so mean to dump puppies along side the road like that. But, in this case I'm glad whoever dumped her dumped her where I'd find her! Mom told me that I could pick out one of them. Rohan looked like a little black and white panda bear! Rivvie is so cute!

Rivvie hasn't really gotten into many mishaps or anything. She's a smart puppy. Rivvie likes to run races with me on my bike and her on foot (or paw). Even though I'm on my bike she still almost always wins. Not fair I think.
Riv gets car-sick real easily. She threw-up on me (and my new pants!) one time when we were going to the vets. GROSS.
Since she hasn't really gotten into much trouble I don't have a lot to write about! She's never gotten lost or shot (thankfully!) nothing bad has ever happened to her. Except for getting dumped by some jerk.
Mom told me that someone at LANDLIFE was waiting on this post. I think Landlife is a cool site!


Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

Dacry, you may put a link to our site on your blog. I'm glad that Rivvie is staying out of trouble. I think that Violet and Gloria get into enough trouble for all the dogs in your state. Keep Rivvie away from the goldfish pond!! :)

Emmie said...

What a cutie! Glad she's not a stinker like Violet!

Monica said...

Just in case anyone was confused when reading Darcy's post, let me clarify...the little black and white brother to Rivie went by three different names... The girls and I all called him "Rohan", but, Doug insisted on always calling him "Legolas". (Can you tell my kids are huge Lord of Ring fans?...Darcy read "The Hobbit" three years ago and then proceeded to read all three of the Lord of the Ring books within a matter of a couple of weeks. Later we got the movies and, of course the two younger ones shared their older sister's fondness for the characters.) Anyway, the black and white pup that we gave away came to both "Rohan" and "Legolas"...and adapted equally well to the name his new family bestowed upon him, "Napoleon". (As in Napoleon Dynamite.)