Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Tomorrow is Bring Your Child to Work Day.

I ALWAYS go with Daddy to BYCTWD. You have the choice of staying with your parent or going on this tour thing that they do every year with some little theme. This years theme is some sort of construction theme thing again. I'm staying with Daddy. I ALWAYS stay with Daddy. I've NEVER gone on the tour thing. And Daddy even takes me around and introduces me to some of the people he works with! I always go see certain peoples while I'm there!

Last year I worked with the photographer and went around taking pics of each class. Each class did some sort of project and showed it to the president of the company to be "hired". Not really but, still it's kinda fun to see what sort of stuff the classes come up with! I took 400 pics and the lady I was with only took about 40! In fact I took so many pictures in each class I was nicknamed "Camera Girl" by the kids that were in there! in almost every class I was called "Camera Girl" at least once!!!!
They put some of my pics in a newsletter and at the bottom it said, "Pictures taken by Darcy C******" I was so excited to see my name in the company newsletter!!!!!! YAY!
This year I'm only taking pictures half of the day so I'll only get about hmmmm, 200 pics!
I hafta wear a skirt cuz I hafta look like a pro. woohoo. yay. I HATE SKIRTS!!!!!!!!

At the end of the day the company gives all the kids a bag full of stuff and ICE CREAM!!! (best part of day, well, mebbe not but it's still very fun part of day!!!!)

Ok. New subject. Food.
Last night I helped Mom cook a pizza that had bacon, eggs, parsley, cheese and garlic on it!! We got the recipe from a Rachel Ray book that we got at Doug's school's Book Fair. Mom bought this Rachel Ray 30 minute recipe book and thought the recipe sounded good so, we tried it!
I helped her do the pizza! It took longer than 30 minutes but, it was our first try so we didn't do so bad for our first time did we?

Ok. I gotta go do my (slimey, good fer nuthin', creepy, dirty, scummy, icky, idiotic, stupid, dumb, lice-infested, flea-ridden,) math *shudder*


emmie said...

that pizza sure does look yummy! Have fun tomorrow with your Dad!

emmie said... I accedently typed in the wrong link on the last comment so it goes to a toally different site just to let you know...opps! :)

aunt Jan said...

Darcy! are you trying to 'get' Aaron? (lovely, beautiful math)