Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I've been tagged!

YAY! I'VE BEEN NOMINATED FOR THE THINKING BLOGGER AWARD!!!!!!! Well, whoever out there nominated me (mom nominated me hehe!) is a poor soul under the impression that I AM A DEEP THINKER! I am only nominating 3 instead of 5 people because Emmie did 7. So I am evening out the "Blogger" scales of nomination. (Not to mention I don't know of that many blogs that haven't been tagged already!)

Here are my choices:

Landlife - I really like Landlife because it makes me laugh about what they've been doing with "Flat Reed". I mean, he's done dishes and done laundry and all sorts of stuff I don't even do! (very often anyway!)

Sister 2 Two - I know Mom already nominated you, Emmie but, I really like your blog! I figured if you nominated 7 people already you shouldn't have any trouble finding another 5-7 blogs you like!

Hunanspice - I really like this blog because there are so many cute pictures of Spicy Girl! Spicy Girl is just too cute!

Hope you all like the blogs I've picked!



Mommy Spice said...

Hey Soccer Girl!! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, and for the nomination!! I love your blog too. I see you are a Spider Man fan. Me too! Can't wait for Spiderman 3. I'm going to look at some more of your blog entries.

Emmie said...

Hey Darcy...thanks so much for nominating me AGAIN!! It means a lot! Glad you like my blog, I love reading yours as well! I will have to do my reconzing in a couple days as tomorrow is Wacky Wednesday which I can;t miss out on! Pretty much all the blogs I blog have already been nominated though, so I'll have to check them all out!