Monday, May 21, 2007

My SDC trip

My Silver Dollar City Trip (With Jean, Ruth and Amanda)

3 days ago I went to Silver Dollar City to see Rhonda Vincent. Jean, Ruth and Amanda were there too!
Amanda and I went onThunderation, Wildfire and The Great Galleon (4 times in a row), I almost went on the Giant Swing but, I chickened out at the last minute. Jean and Amanda went though.We went to see Rhonda at 1:30 and that was fun too! The "Opera House" was stuffed full of people! We were lucky to even get a seat! There was a line a mile long at the "Opera House" of people waiting to get in! The instant we stepped out of the "Opera House" we already saw a line of people who would wait an HOUR AND A HALF to get in to see Rhonda Vincent! One lady said that they had driven 9 hours to see her! I got my picture taken Rhonda Vincent.

I had SO MUCH FUN when we went on "Wildfire"!! The worst part is when you go straight down! I LOVE the loop-de-loops though!!! I screamed the whole time we were on there! I just feel sick when I go straight down!
Rayna wants to go on "Wildfire" but, she's too little. Rayna's favorite roller coaster is "Fire in the Hole" but, "Thunderation" is right up there too! Maybe when we go back to SDC I'll go ahead and brave "The Giant Swing" too! Amanda said that "The Giant Swing" isn't that bad.

Amanda went on the "Electric" something or other. I thought I might go on it too but, it looked too scary too! I wish I had gone on it but, maybe I can go on it next time.

We're going back the end of this month and I can't wait!


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