Monday, May 21, 2007



WE BEAT THE FIRE TEAM!! Oh yeah! The score was 6 to 4!! WE SMOKED THEM!!!!

I had 11 people from my family cheering for me! It was like a whole entire family reunion!! Aunt Lynne says that they were good luck!

That was our 1st (and only) official win!!!! YAY! We're going to have a pizza party some time and we even get TROPHIES!!!!!! WHOOP-DE-DOOOOO!!!!!!! I'M SO HAAAAPYYYYYY!!!! I hope we can make it to the pizza party!!

I got my soccer pics and I gave one to G&G C. but, I forgot to give one to G&G B.
(G&G stands for Grandma and Grandpa ).

I only played Defense and Midfield which are my favorite spots to play in. When I was in Mid. the Coach said I stopped a ball from going into the goal when it hit me in the shoulder/chest area. The girl who kicked it kicked it HARD and it HURT. BAD. (ly)
But, I'm alive to tell the story so it wasn't that bad. I didn't even have to leave the field and go over to the bench! I"M a TOUGH COOKIE!

Before the game I felt sick but, I didn't say anything 'cuz I was afraid that Mom would make me stay home and not let me go to the game. I didn't take my temp. because I was afraid Mom would see me and ask if I felt sick and she'd take my temp and see if I had a temp.

When we got home everybody ate something. I didn't eat 'cuz my tummy hurt and I didn't feel like eating. THEN we checked my temp and discovered I had a 102.5 temp.

I'd post some pictures but, I don't have any. You can probablyguess that I was kinda busy though.
Don't worry 'bout it though. I'll post some of Mom's photos. Although, I don't know if she'll have enough... She only took 3 GIGS OF PICTURES!!!!!!!!!

We had 3 goalies (throughout the whole game). Alex, Bob, and (the best one) Audrey.
Audrey is a really good goalie! She's about my size and she's 9 but, she's one heck of a goalie!

I really wish that this wasn't our last game. Now that we're getting really good, I wish we had s'more games. *sigh* I hope we can keep everyone that is on this team ON this team next season. I f we could, we'd be the best team around!! I REALLY wish we could play the Kit-Katz again cuz if we could we'd SMOKE 'EM!! I plan to play the next season and I hope everyone else can too.

~Soccer Girl


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Darcy!!! Whoo Hoo!! I'm really glad for you. It seems to me that you must really be one tough cookie!! :-)

Uncle Eric

Vivian said...

Hi Darcy, I tagged you to write "7 random things". Hope your mom and everyone else is well and I look forward to see her updates soon.

Emmie said...

Way to go Darcy!
We had our last soccer game yesterday as well! We lost but I did good. I don't have a very good team this year! :( I sure know how you feel when you say getting hit with the ball! I got socked in the stomach last game and pushed and elbowed a lot. It sure was a tough game. I was a TOUGH COOKIE as well thogh and got right back up! :)
**Have a fun time at the pizza party!

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Congrats Darcey! Way to go!